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Mey-rin = badass 


sebastian and ciel caressing each other’s faces in a musical (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


Halloween is almost here! | Original by Yana Toboso

Aѕ αη αρρℓє тяєє αмσηg тнє тяєєѕ σƒ тнє ƒσяєѕт,
ѕσ ιѕ му вєℓσνє∂ αмσηg тнє уσυηg мєη.
Wιтн gяєαт ∂єℓιgнт I ѕαт ιη нιѕ ѕнα∂σω,
αη∂ нιѕ ƒяυιт ωαѕ ѕωєєт тσ му тαѕтє.

Original by Yana Toboso

Ciel Phantomhive + Colours
Blue is nostalgic. It is a color that lives in the past, relating everything in the present and the future to experiences in the pastPink a combination of red and white, contains the need for action of red, helping it to achieve potential for success and insight offered by white.


"I wonder... what we should have done. Like the nursery rhyme, we were 'capable of playing only one song.' But if... if we had been born in another country... our selves... our bodies... wouldn't have been like this"

(pictures from Monochrome Circus doujinshi / my edit)


Okay, so I find this adorable

Ciel is so use to Sebastian coming in, and waking him up in the mornings, that without even like noticing it, he thinks its Sebastian waking him up, and says his name (sleepily, might I add..hnng~) And then he realizes, hes not at home, hes at the circus and just sorta jolts awake, and I just…ahh its sooo cute